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Your path home starts HERE with a personalized assessment that helps you understand where you are right now in relation to your goal of homeownership.

Once you have a clear view of your starting point, your personal coach will help you create an individualized action plan that puts the focus on positioning you to be Mortgage-Ready.

With your Home Buyers Coaching Club Assessment, for only $395 (single)/$495 (couple), you’ll have access to a Personal Coach, On-Demand Resource Center, Weekly Homebuying Tips, Financing and Down Payment Assistance Options, Educational Modules that offer need-to-know insights into the nitty gritty of homeownership – from earnest money to homeowners insurance, discounts, and more. Access to a network of Realtors and Mortgage Lenders, ready to help you achieve your goal of home ownership!

Don’t wait! Join us at Home Buyers Coaching Club and sign up for your Personal Assessment today and LET US HELP YOU MAKE THE RIGHT MOVE!

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