Take the first steps towards owning your own home

Like many Americans, you’re dreaming of building wealth and safeguarding your future through homeownership. Home Buyers Coaching Club helps people just like you transform that dream into a reality. Our unique combination of one-on-one coaching and engaging financial education courses simplifies the process of becoming mortgage-ready and makes owning a home attainable and sustainable.

The Personalized Initial Assessment is the basis for building a plan to help you accomplish your goal of home ownership and it mirrors the mortgage process.  The documents requested are necessary to create a complete picture and will also be required in the mortgage process.

The Assessment costs $395 for a single person and $495 for a couple.

Understand, the Assessment is not a guarantee, but a guide to assist you in preparing for homeownership success!

After ALL of the required documents have been gathered and uploaded, our coaching team will examine your credit, explore your debt-to-income ratio to make sure you present a stable and verifiable profile to a lender and determine your qualifying range for purchase.

Our team will also look at the best loan programs for you, whether you are a candidate for down payment assistance and create the action steps and timeline that will help you meet your homeownership goals.

When your action plan is complete, you will be assigned a personal coach and we will reach out to schedule your Initial Consultation within 3-5 days to discuss your plan and what it will take for you to become “Mortgage-Ready”.

So, Let’s get MOVING!